watchformoto Welcome Expat Bikers!

Finally it's that time of the year again, spring is coming and we start seeing more and more motorbikes around! Of course we all hope in a sunny and warm (*cough cough*) spring, followed by an even better summer, because there's one thing we all want to do: get out and ride!

This is a small piece of the web where expat motorcyclists living in the Netherlands can arrange rideouts, meets, weekends away etc. Its not a club and there are no fees, its just a tool to make friends more easily.

Whatever you ride, you're welcome to arrange meet-ups and rideouts anywhere in the Netherlands and beyond, just sign up to the forum and start posting*. Share routes, and discuss any corners that you find among the Dutch road system, tell us of your trips, recommend dealers, whatever. If you don't have clear ideas on where to go, there's a section on this site where you can find GPS routes, feel free to use them as you wish or send me your ones and I'll do my best to add them to the collection.

I'm looking forward to a great motorbike season, and making some new friends!

* Due to spamming there is a simple verification process to activate your account. However, this has sometimes proven to be a bit too strict and real people have been refused. If you don't get activated in a reasonable amount of time, this is probably because I haven't seen your request, so if you are having problems please use the 'Contact' link on the right and let me know.

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